Questions by Julia Evans

Questions is an unusual medium designed by Julia Evans in which the form of the writing is a series of questions. If you’re reading a guide on Git commits, one example is “does git store file permissions?” The answer might help you realize that there was a detail you didn’t quite know (e.g. Git only stores the executable bit). You mark the answers where you learned something so that you might dive deeper into those bits.

This is an interestingly different approach from the Mnemonic medium in that the questions themselves carry the content: there’s no narrative besides the cards. But the cards are written somewhat narratively, unlike e.g. Quizlet flash cards. It doesn’t trip on Studying another person’s spaced repetition memory prompts is usually ineffective quite so badly as a result.

Even though the form factor is roughly flashcards, it’s not trying to be a Spaced repetition memory system. It’s more an unusual interactive article. I do find that it runs very much afoul of Interaction is a cost center in interface design: I wonder if it would be possible to create a more fluid interaction, perhaps inspired in part by the rapid interactions in Execute Program (see Execute Program’s lessons unfurl their prose in response to reader interaction).