About these notes

Hi! I’m Andy Matuschak. You’ve stumbled upon my working notes. They’re kind of strange, so some context might help.

These notes are mostly written for myself: they’re roughly my thinking environment (Evergreen note-writing as fundamental unit of knowledge work). But I’m sharing them publicly as an experiment (Work with the garage door up). If a note seems confusing or under-explained, it’s probably because I didn’t write it for you! Sorry—that’s sort of an essential tension of this experiment.

For now, there’s no index or navigational aids: you’ll need to follow a link to some starting point.

A note on attribution: much of what I’m writing about here concerns my research collaboration with Michael Nielsen, and these note practices themselves are an active object of our research. You should consider Michael to be a coauthor on much of what’s here, but blame for the unpolished roughness should land squarely on my shoulders.

👋 Andy (email, Twitter, main personal site)

PS: Many people ask, so I’ll just note here: no, I haven’t made this system available for others to use. It’s still an early research environment, and Premature scaling can stunt system iteration.