Quadratic funding of public goods

Vitalik Buterin and Glen Weyl propose that Quadratic voting can be used to efficiently determine the value of a public good, which can then guide the disbursement of philanthropic or public funds. Matt Clancy gave this notion a great name: “Optimal Kickstarter.”

GitCoin has experimentally implemented this procedure using funds provided by the Ethereum Foundation.

clr.fund aspires to implement this mechanism permissionlessly.

GitHub - gitcoinco/quadratic-funding: This is an open source implementation of quadratic funding, a design for philanthropic and publicly-funded seeding, which allows for optimal provisioning of funds to an ecosystem of public goods.


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Clancy, M. (2020, May 14). Optimal Kickstarter. https://mattsclancy.substack.com/p/optimal-kickstarter

Last updated 2023-07-13.