How might the mnemonic medium enable readers in genres outside platform knowledge?

The mnemonic medium is particularly valuable for platform knowledge, but we suspect it can help readers connect more deeply to material in other genres, like:

Some challenges from work so far: Lessons learned from applying the mnemonic medium to non-technical texts

One significant difference between these genres and platform knowledge will be significantly increased user variation—both in terms of motivation/purpose and in terms of prior knowledge. I expect this will require the medium to become more flexible. How might the mnemonic medium adapt to readers’ differing backgrounds and goals?

I suspect that one key approach will be using the medium less to build detailed memory and more in terms of The mnemonic medium keeps readers in contact with material over time.

One framing that bears on this question: What if the mnemonic medium were reframed as a means to engage more deeply with a text?

Related potential mechanisms:

Last updated 2023-07-13.