An individualistic, markets-oriented, accelerationist, expansionistic reaction to Solarpunk.

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the terrapunk manifesto - NASJAQ

Even in the most fantastical depictions of solarpunk, there is always the sense that they are still on earth. Yet, remaining on earth is fundamentally anti-human. Either the population expands, and we create denser buildings (human atomization), or the population declines so we can each have enough space (human minimization). Neither of these are futures I want to live in, for they are both about reducing humans for the betterment of Earth. Being constrained to earth is untenable for expanding humanity - it is stagnation, and stagnation is collapse.

If you’re pro-nuclear, you’re not Solarpunk. If you’re pro-markets, you’re not Solarpunk. If you’re pro-blanketing-mountains-with-solar-panels, I regret to inform you, you are Solarpunk.

On the most fundamental level, to be terrapunk is to understand the elements and know how to transform them to improve yourself and humanity.

Terrapunks are focused on expanding consciousness through the creation of more Land - more Terras - and to master terraforming we must move upwards on the Kardashev energy scale. After nuclear, we harness the energy scale of the Sun, our birth star, by building Dyson Spheres.

If desired, a terrapunk may begin terraforming their own biology. … However, terrapunk maximalists will go beyond the maximum human baselines via individual enhancements such as injecting genes to inhibit myostatin and increase muscles, or therapies to increase lifespan. Thus, biohacking therapies are terrapunk. … This biological terraforming may include genes to protect from radiation, specialized lungs to breath in new atmospheres, increased bone density to counteract reduced gravity, and enhanced skin layers to maximally absorb the wavelengths of light in each location. As mentioned above, this also includes increasing our lifespan beyond baseline - to increase our longevity so we can continue expansion into the stars.

The terrapunk…uses this leverage to increase not just resource efficiency, but also resource supply. To not just do more from less, but to do more from more.


Origination thread: https://twitter.com/nasjaq__/status/1434693605784834053