Ryan Singer screened workshop participants for Shape Up to find hungry, motivated people

Ryan Singer used a workshop to push him to write Shape Up - Singer (Talks and classes provide pressure and emotional fuel for understanding). To make sure he got good feedback from the workshop, he screened candidates with a lengthy application form asking them to describe stories of their product development woes, so that he can find “the best possible audience for getting feedback: hungry and motivated with skin in the game.” To that end, he also charged $1,000 for it.


Q. What was Ryan Singer looking for in workshop attendees as he was developing Shape Up?
A. Hungry, motivated people with skin in the game.

Q. What two ways did Ryan Singer screen workshop attendees as he developed Shape Up?
A. Charged $1,000; made them fill out a long form with stories of their product development woes.


How I Wrote Shape Up - Signal v. Noise

Last updated 2023-07-13.