Backlit displays limit computers to interiors

Living in California, we have so many perfect days. It would be so lovely to spend lots of time working outside, but computers’ backlit displays just don’t work in that context.

I don’t need a whole workstation: I’d be thrilled if I could do even simple tasks like reading and writing documents outside. One could use physical documents, of course, but that excludes Computer-supported thinking.

E-ink displays are an exciting alternative, but they haven’t yet been used to seriously solve this problem. Even if considered only as a reading device, the Kindle fares terribly; see: Reading texts on computers is unpleasant. reMarkable is one promising (but unfortunately quite handicapped) attempt.

The Dasung Paperlike HD is a promising direction: just connect an e-ink display to your computer. There are also several e-ink Android tablets (notably from Boox), but I worry that the software stacks are still quite primitive.

Last updated 2023-07-13.