Quantum Country readers reliably develop detailed retention for embedded questions

Late-2019 schedule

For late-2019 schedule data, see After five repetitions, most Quantum Country readers reach at least 1 month of demonstrated retention for at least 95% of questions

See also Quantum Country users rarely forget after demonstrating five-day retention

Early-2019 schedule

All this data is among readers who answered 80%+ of QCVC questions in the essay before their first review session.

After 6 repetitions (using an earlier, less aggressive SRS schedule), most 2019H1 users average about 54 days of retention per question.

The median 2019H2 reader had demonstrated 2-week retention on 95%+ of QCVC prompts by session 9. Source These users average about 24 days of retention per question after 3 repetitions of every prompt. We don’t have data on later repetition numbers yet.

But is this just a survivorship effect? Would these readers have developed this retention in any case? Or is it a selection effect—did these readers already have detailed retention of this material? What is the causal impact of the mnemonic medium’s review sessions on reader retention?

Last updated 2023-07-13.