Think harder about sociality and memory systems

  • thickening loose ties
  • creating opportunities for repeated, lightweight contact
  • making review activities feel integrated into a broader conversation somehow

Returning to this on 2020-05-26, these are still my top themes. The obvious temptation would be to go for some kind of social signaling, etc, but that’s just so boring…

Kanjun Qiu mentions some research (haven’t dug it up) that intimate connections require a combination of:

  • unplanned interactions
  • shared intense experiences
  • vulnerability / safety

2022-09-15: Taylor Rogalski shares a Will Wright game concept ( and asks:

He’s sort of describing a social flash card game, where people recall and rank shared memories (like world events). Wonder how that maps to Orbit. Could there be a social game that uses the prompts you’ve collected?

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