Seared wedges

  1. Sear halved cabbage in hot oil for 10-15m. Deeply blacken.
  2. Add 4T butter, baste until tender (use cake tester; about 10m)
  3. Halve, salt, drizzle with vinegar



(adapted from Eleven Madison Park)

  1. Sweat apple and shallot in butter
  2. Separately, sweat cabbage in a few tsp of red wine vinegar
  3. Combine, cook en cartouche for 20m
  4. Prepare wine marinade: 1.5C red wine, 0.5C sugar, 1.5T salt
  5. Add 1/4 wine marinade to cabbage, cover, bake at 350°
  6. Every 15m, stir and add more wine marinade
  7. Move to stovetop, uncover, reduce
  8. Add butter
Last updated 2023-07-13.