Pomodoro technique

In reference to my own practice:

  • 2022-11 November: now using 55m pomos when starting before 10AM; 45m before noon; 25m after, following data from Project - pomodoro experiment; practically speaking this usually means my morning goes: 55 55 45 45 45 25 25 25 (~5.5hrs active time in ~6hrs of clock time)
  • Switched back to 25m/5m pomos in Jan 2022 as part of Program - finish my workday in the morning; focusing on longer contiguous blocks (6hr instead of 4hr, no long breaks) and higher-quality deep attention on harder tasks rather than trying to optimize efficiency
  • Switched to 40m/5m pomos on 2021-07-12
    • So goal for the morning block is 6 45m pomos.
    • 8h of working time is 12 pomos
    • 55m of break time spread within those 12
  • Switched to 35m/5m pomos on 2020-01-22
    • Goal for the morning with this block size is 7 40m pomos
    • 8h of working time is ~14 pomos
    • 65m of break time spread within those 14
Last updated 2023-07-13.