Roam Research

Interesting workflows

    • Step 1: Go through my outline and identify issues I’d like my intern to help with. I create a new block where the question falls in the outline, preface it with Intern Research, and then type out the question I’m looking for an answer to.
    • Step 2: Create a new page titled “Intern Research: Intern Name” and share it my intern. I then look through the Intern Research references for questions to assign, and add them to the intern’s page as block references.
    • Step 3: The intern or RA reports findings, citations, etc., embedded under that the question block references. So all their work is happening in their assigned and shared page.
    • Step 4: Because their page contains block reference back to the questions in my outline, their findings automatically appear inline in my outline, right where they’re needed, as expandable block references.
    • I can think of questions I’d like research help on as I’m drafting the outline, writing them wherever needed in that outline, then easily assign them later, and have the finished research appear exactly where I need it, when I need it, for evaluation, follow-up, and application.
  • Backlinks can be used to implicitly define nodes in knowledge management systems
Last updated 2023-07-13.