I often make a quiche on Sunday to eat for lunch every day that week. It’s decadent, quick (on the weekday, anyway), cheap, and variable enough that I’m not bored of it.

I make quiche using the method Thomas Keller describes in Bouchon. 2” custard, 12” steel tart ring. I make several weeks’ worth of pâte brisée at a time and freeze the extra portioned dough for efficiency.


Fillings should be concentrated and intense. I tend to prefer them to be vegetal. Root vegetables are usually too starchy.

  • Fillings I’ve liked:

    • roasted asparagus
    • confit cherry tomatoes
    • roasted broccolini
    • Lorraine” (lardons and onion confit)
    • “Florentine” (sautéed spinach and shallot)
    • sautéed kale
    • roasted peppers or pepperonata
    • melted Leek
  • Fillings that haven’t worked well:

    • fava beans (too mild, too much work)
    • plain onion confit (a bit bland, needs textural variation)
    • swiss chard (stems too watery and bland—maybe could work with just leaves)
    • mushrooms (too savory for lunchtime)
  • Fillings to try:

    • sausage
Last updated 2023-07-13.