Spaced repetition review sessions often become boring and detached without a steady stream of new prompts

Daily practice with a Spaced repetition memory system should feel vital, relevant. When one hasn’t added many new prompts in a while, the daily review sessions begin to feel stuck in the past, disconnected from what you’re thinking about right now. This appears to be a common failure mode for new users, who add many new prompts at once in a fit of initial enthusiasm, then feel bored when they’re still reviewing those same prompts (and no others) months later.


Re: Make memory a choice (~9 minutes)

I was enthusiastic to start with and have done several iterations of quizzes. I have learned a lot of fascinating stuff. But I'm bored of it now. There are bits that were always beyond me, so I have taken to answering "yes" to everything, which spoils the integrity of it.