RemNote is a web-based Note-writing system with a structured knowledge model and first-class operations for adapting notes into a Spaced repetition memory system, a la The mnemonic medium can be extended to one’s personal notes.

It tries to reify a highly opinionated knowledge model, but it’s much too literal: the model has an intense, oppressive formality. The resulting notes work for SRS prompts, but not so much for prose.

e.g. you can generate SRS items for a definition by writing Foo: foo’s definition or describe a property of a concept by using bulleted lists:

Forgetting curve
* discoverer: Ebbinghaus

It has some transclusive elements so that concept hierarchies can be composed into different “documents.” Like Roam Research, it encodes the belief that text blocks, structured in this model, can be made into reusable units. I’m worried about their composability: Transclusion is limited by the data model’s composability.

It’s an interesting research experiment to learn from. It sounds like the author, {Martin Schnieder}, is trying to commercialize it, but I can’t tell how serious he is about that as a goal. The software is updated quite regularly with a litany of new features.