This web-based software platform allows people to author rich text interleaved with SRS prompts—i.e. roughly speaking, to write in a Mnemonic medium. It’s useful to compare it to Mochi, which is somewhat similar. Unlike Mochi:

  • LearnItFast is, broadly speaking, not executed nearly as well.
  • LIF is closer to My implementation of a personal mnemonic medium in that prompts can be added and removed from notes, and this immediately modifies your effective collection of prompts. Mochi has a destructive, discrete “create prompts from note” step which I view as a significant barrier.
  • LIF content can be structured into “sections” and published for others to view/review.
  • LIF is not (yet) commercial.

They aren’t quite clear on whether the use case they’re advertising is for individuals, to write their own notes, or for authors. They do call the material on their site “courses,” though, in a nod to explicit instructional objectives.

nb: LIF has no email reminders for notifications and no mobile/native apps. It has no representations of progress, other than the Anki-like representation of intervals on the feedback buttons.

Matt Clancy prototyped a microeconomics course on this platform. Hard to say what to learn from his experiences. Only a small fraction of students actually did the reviews, but that may be because LIF doesn’t notify or otherwise encourage reviews.

Irritatingly, they don’t actually cite the mnemonic medium anywhere as an inspiration, but they do cite Augmenting Long-term Memory.