Enacted experiences exist on a spectrum of participation and authorial control

Any given Enacted experience can involve a wide range of participation and authorial control.

For example:

  • you might hit play on Spotify and feel an emotion intended by a song’s artist (probably shy of an enacted experience—you likely don’t quite feel you brought that feeling about)
  • you might play the same song on Guitar Hero and feel an intended emotion as you crescendo into the chorus (by contrast, this probably does feel like you brought it about)
  • you might perform the song from sheet music and feel an intended emotion as you crescendo in the chorus (stronger feeling that you brought it about, somewhat less authorial control)
  • you might be caused to compose a particular emotional quality into the song in a recording session facilitated by a crafty record producer



2019/09/12 Conversation with Michael Nielsen

Last updated 2023-07-13.