Effects of the mnemonic medium on reader memory

The story I’d like to be able to tell:

  1. If you complete the review sessions, you’ll remember what you read reliably.
  2. … and you would remember much less without those review sessions.
  3. … and it won’t cost you that much time.
  4. … and this effect generalizes to many domains.

Within Quantum Country, we have strong evidence of 1, moderate evidence of 3, and emerging evidence of 2. We have no evidence of 4 yet.

But see also: What’s the big-picture impact of the mnemonic medium on readers?

Quantum Country user behavior

Reader perceptions

  • “I’ve only done your first quantum country course (so far) but I find it remarkable that I can view the proof and follow it, knowing what everything means. It’s almost like Neo in The Matrix telling Morpheus, ‘I know quantum computing’” source
  • “Doing the review sessions gives me what it promises to do, I guess. It is the confidence that I will remember the material and will be able to juggle the facts effortlessly. Although I already had a little prior experience with quantum computing, I benefited from the essays a lot. It went smooth and solidified my knowledge which was previously quite shaky and had too much white spots before. I’m very grateful for this mnemonic essays experiment existence.” — Dmitry Urbanovich Re: Hello from Quantum Country!
  • “Unlike other ways to learn, I am not worried about forgetting what I

learned in the future, because I know there’s someone who will always
remind me to review the key parts at the right time points. And it’s
not just a feeling. According to the result of reviewing, I think I do
have memorized most of them reliably.” — Kevin

Last updated 2023-07-13.