My daily routine

Ever since I began working independently from home in early 2019, I’ve found it very helpful to have a routine to guide me. When my days don’t go well, it’s often because something derailed me in the morning, and I never really got back on track. This has been my morning routine since mid-2019:

  • Pre-desk
    • Wake (around 6:30)
    • Body-weight exercises
    • Shower
    • Walk, train, and feed my dog
    • Meditate
    • Make small coffee (10g / 150mL)
  • First morning block (~7:30 – 10)
    • Start a Daily working log, write for a minute or so about how I’m feeling and my intentions for the day
    • Do My morning writing practice, usually until around 10:00
      • I alternate between 35 minute periods of focused unitasking and 5 minute breaks, during which I walk around the house and pick up, do mise en place for dinner, etc.
    • Make small coffee (10g / 150 mL)

I don’t let myself use the internet before this point in my day. It scatters my attention, but more importantly, I find that filling my head with others’ voices exacerbates It’s hard to hear yourself think.

On weekends, I usually stop adhering to routine at this point. On weekdays, my activities are less consistent from here, but the time structure is regular:

  • Second morning working block (~10 – noon)
    • I eat lunch at my desk around 11:30. It’s usually Quiche.
  • Mid-day break: dog park or long walk with Shabu (~noon – 1)
  • Third working block (~1 – 4)
    • This is often my very execution-oriented working block. I find that my creative focus is sharper in the morning, and in the afternoon I mostly want to knock out tasks.
  • Late afternoon:
    • Around 4:00, I’ll meet up with collaborators or do administrative work. I’m usually pretty fried at this point.
    • If I have meetings, they usually start at 5:00, and they’re usually walking meetings. I very rarely take meetings before 4:00.
  • Evening:
    • I cook dinner every weeknight around 6.
      • I try to have friends over for dinner at least one night a week.
    • After that, it’s usually reading, piano practice, and time with Sara until bedtime at 10.